About us

The Self-Esteem Institute (Institut R.O.K.) was founded in 1997 and is registered as a non-profit, non-governmental educational, publishing and research organization.

Our expertise includes managing projects, organizing trainings, seminars and workshops, publishing and research. In designing and implementing innovative educational programs for administrators, teachers, parents and students the Institute has been cooperating with national and international experts. Since 1999 over 20.000 participants attended our trainings.

We co-created and started to implement the »Building Authentic Self-esteem – BASE« program in Slovenia in 1999. Since then we have trained over 1.500 teachers to implement the program. The use of the BASE program produced measurable results in increasing personal responsibility and motivation for learning, improving interpersonal skills, decreasing antisocial behavior and violence in schools. The program has been verified by the Slovenian Ministry of Education and the Social Chamber and presented on numerous national and international conferences.

In June 2002 the Institute organized an International Conference “Self-Esteem as a Prevention Strategy in Working with Youth”, with participants from 7 countries. In 2004 we conducted a research among students on the relation of self-esteem to anti-social behavior and school dropouts.

During the years 2005-2013 we launched a project that included 55 elementary schools from all over the country in the project “Building an Accepting School Environment”where teachers, students and their parents were actively involved in the project.