The program was developed by Robert Reasoner and prof. Stanley Coopersmith (UCLA) to systematically develop self-esteem in elementary (and secondary) schools. In 1999 it was translated and adapted for the implementation in Slovenian schools by our Institute.

The BASE program has been designed to be implemented on the school wide level and includes didactical materials for systematic work with four target groups. With over 30 years of research behind it the program provides manuals and teaching materials for elementary and secondary school students with supplementary materials for teachers, administrators and parents. Assessment instruments also accompany the program.

The purpose of the BASE program is to increase student’s cooperation, self-esteem and personal responsibility. It concentrates on developing the key elements that young people need for a healthy personal development (security, identity, belonging, purpose and competence) and in this way helps protect and strengthen their psychological wellbeing. By supporting their inner strengths, teachers can help students manage more effectively the challenges that they face in school and the society, develop their inner potential and become more successful and productive as adults.