The Self-Esteem Institute has proven its importance especially in the field of preventive activities in Elementary and Secondary schools. So far more than 20.000 participants (teachers, administrators and parents) attended our presentations, seminars and workshops. Since 1997 our programs have been included in the Catalogue for Teacher’s Education and in the Social Chamber Catalogue of Education and we have been invited to present our work at National and International Conferences.

We have been cooperating with many international experts and institutions. Our programs have been presented on numerous conferences, in newspaper articles, on radio and TV interviews. In June 2002 we have organized an International Conference “Self-Esteem as a Prevention Strategy in Working with Youth”, with over 140 participants from 7 European countries. In cooperation with the National Youth Bureau we conducted a research on self-esteem among Slovenian students and it’s relation to anti-social behaviour and school drop outs. Our Institute has presented the BASE – BUILDING AN ACCEPTING SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT program in Slovenia in 1999.

To implement the program with students we have since than trained over 1.300 mentors. The program produced impressive results in increasing personal responsibility and motivation for learning, improving interpersonal skills, decreasing antisocial behaviour and violence in schools. We are interested to cooperate with partners and implement the BASE program also in other European countries.